Welcome to the For The Win gaming league archive site. Here you can look back (or forward) through the old league news, which sometimes contains results and standings, see the list of champions, and see some FTWgl videos.

FTW no longer operates any new competitions, this is an archive site. This website is a work in progress.
Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
FTW Archive site online

I finally put this FTW archive site online. I pretty much could have put it online two years ago lol, but I took forever to get around to finishing mostly the other sections of the Team Terror site (as of this writing, this FTW archive site is a sub-section on the Team Terror site). There are still a few things here and there that aren't finished, like the past season Champions list, for example.

FTW Archive site work done

After not looking at it for months, I finally finished the last 5% of the work on this FTW archive site (aside from some finishing touches). I still didn't put it online for many more months though, while I got around to finishing the rest of the Team Terror site.

Archive site mostly done

I got around to finishing up this archive site about 95%. Originally it was going to be the new site at ftwgl.com, but then x8 had some plans to make some kind of new league there so I figured I'd just put this FTW archive site as a sub-section on teamterrorwtf.com, and then probably link to it from the new ftwgl.com if and when it got up and running.

Plug Pulled
(after the site went down)

Evil Elf pulled the plug on the FTW site. FTW's primary mandate was always to serve the North American competitive Urban Terror clan scene, and it's true that by this point that clan scene had dried up and there was no one left to serve. There were literally less than two whole active clans remaining. There were enough South American teams to keep it going, but, running a South American league is a job better suited to South Americans.

So it didn't make much difference that Elf pulled the plug so abruptly, but what I had wanted to do was keep the site up as is for a few months while I took my time transitioning it to roughly what you see here today (this FTW archive site). With the old site yanked down, it took me longer to put together this archive site.

Bomb Tournament Complete
May 2013

EM forfeited the final. A pathetic way for them to end this tournament I spent so much time on, but, whatever. That means b00bs wins the tournament!

Bomb Final
May 8, 2013

In the lower bracket semi-final match, Eccentric Miners defeated Phuckers in 3. It was a nice try by pH taking them to 3. Screenshots. Phuckers walk away with 3rd place, and EM moves on to this week's Final: Boobs vs Eccentric Miners.


Good Luck and Have Fun!

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