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All Star Break
September 20, 2009

This week we will be taking some time off from regular matches to bring you the All Star Week.

Please check the forums to see if you have made the all star team for a game type.

Matches will be played at the default time for each game type.

Week 10
September 2009

CTF Week 10 complete.
TS Week 10 complete.
BM Week 10 complete.

Last week! Good luck to everyone.

Remember to vote for Bomb Playoff maps!!

Also remember to vote for the FTW all-stars!

Week 9
September 2009

TS Week 9 complete.
CTF Week 9 complete.
BM Week 9 complete.

Note: Orbital for BM is ut4_orbital_sl NOT ut4_orbital. It is available in the Files section of FTW.

Reminder that there are many on going votes! In particular, voting for the All-Star teams have begun! Please take time as a team leader to vote for players who deserve to be recognized as among the best in our league.

Week 8
September 2009

CTF Week 8 complete.
TS Week 8 complete.
BM Week 8 complete.

Week 7
August 2009

TS Week 7 complete.
CTF Week 7 complete.
BM Week 7 complete.

NOTE: Rosters will be locked on Sunday, August 30 at 8:59pm (or right before the CTF match). You have one more week to make roster additions. The 7 day wait period still applies.

CTF Rule Change
August 2009


Short version: If a player does not /kill after being subbed in a CTF match and the other team gets a cap.

The oldrules state: A player subbing in during a CTF match must execute the /kill command to prevent abuse of the substitutions feature to provide an immediate flag defender. If the sub does not /kill then there are ground for a dispute with possible sanctions including percent differential penalties or a forfeit of the match.

This has been rewritten by the admins to: If the sub does not /kill immediately after the timeout when they are substituted in, then there is grounds for a penalty against that team. If there is sufficient evidence that the player did not /kill, then the opposing team is awarded 1 additional flag capture. If multiple players are substituted in and do not /kill, then the number of caps awarded to the opposing team will equal the number of subs who failed to /kill. This /kill rule also applies to subs who come in "on-the-fly" without calling the proper timeout.

A team should file a short dispute describing this circumstance whenever it occurs in a match to be awarded their extra points.

If the opposing team notices a failure to /kill, then a timeout should be called to notify the offending team, so that both teams understand an extra capture has been automatically awarded. Regardless of whether or not that is done, the score will be considered with an additional capture for the opposing team, even if the failure to /kill is not officially determined until after the match by an admin ruling on the dispute.

If the awarded flag capture point(s) result in a map tie, then a special tie breaking round will be played right away (on the same server) in which capturelimit is set to 1.

This is more text but it actually simplifies the rule from some unknown admin-determined penalty to a very specific, and in the admins opinion, justified penalty. As an admin rule change it will be effective *THIS SUNDAY*, August 23rd.

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