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Team Survivor Map Votes and Pre-Season
February 2010

Team captains can now vote on Team Survivor maps to be used in the fast approaching regular season. Also, we are going to try something new with the pre-season. Each week will feature two 25-minute maps. Once the pre-season is over we will have a poll in the forums to determine whether or not this format should continue into the regular season.

Tuesday Feb 9th, 9:30pm EST - Turnpike, Casa
Tuesday Feb 16th, 9:30pm EST - Tohunga_b8, Kingdom_rc6

Download new maps here

Week 1 Matchups


Capitanes de equipos, ahora pueden votar por los mapas para Team Survivor que se jugaran en la temporada regular que se acerca rapidamente. De igual manera, vamos a intentar algo nuevo en esta Pre-Temporada. Cada semana jugaremos dos mapas de 25 minutos cada uno. Una vez terminada la Pre-Temporada haremos una encuesta en los foros para determinar si debemos o no continuar con este formato para la temporada regular.

Martes 9 de Febrero, 9:30pm EST - Turnpike, Casa
Martes 16 de Febrero, 9:30pm EST - Tohunga_b8, Kingdom_rc6

Descarga los nuevos mapas aqui

Encuentros de la 1ra temporada

Season 2 Launch
February 2010

Welcome one and all to our 2nd season. Many of you have been anxious to know when things would be restarting around here... and well now you know!

February 9th - Team Survivor pre-season begins
February 11th - Bomb pre-season begins
February 14th - Capture The Flag “Admins versus Trolls” exhibition match
February 21st - Capture The Flag pre-season begins
February 23rd - Team Survivor official Week 1
February 25th - Bomb official Week 1
February 28th - Capture The Flag official Week 1

As you may have noticed, Team Survivor has been moved to Tuesdays. Map voting for team captains will begin soon and some rule changes are also on the way. In the meantime, rosters are unlocked and you can begin updating your teams. Although we are having a two week pre-season to help teams get established, you can expect a shorter regular season this time around.

Remember that you can create and manage teams by using the "Join Season" button along the left side (viewable after logging in). If you need extra help you can always ask on the forums or find an admin in #ftwgl on


Bienvenidos a todos a esta nuestra 2da Temporada. Muchos de ustedes han estado ansiosos por saber cuando comenzaran las cosas de nuevo aqui... y bueno, ahora lo saben!

9 de Febrero - Comienza la Pre-Temporada de Team Survivor
11 de Febrero - Comienza la Pre-Temporada de Bomba
14 de Febrero - Partido de exhibicion “Admins contra Trolls” en CTF
21 de Febrero - Comienza la Pre-Temporada de CTF
23 de Febrero - 1ra Semana oficial de Team Survivor
25 de Febrero - 1ra Semana oficial de Bomba
28 de Febrero - 1ra Semana oficial de CTF

Como se habran dado cuenta, Team Survivor se jugara ahora los Martes. El voto de mapas para los Capitanes de equipo comenzara pronto y algunos cambios en las reglas se acercan pronto. En su momento, los rosters seran desbloqueados y podran comenzar a administrar sus equipos. Aunque vamos a tener 2 semanas de Pre-Temporada para ayudar a que los equipos se establezcan, pueden esperar una Temporada regular mas corta esta vez.

Recuerda que puedes crear y administrar equipos usando el boton de "Join Season" que se encuentra al lado izquierdo (visible solamente si estas conectado con tu usuario y contraseña). Y si nesecitas ayuda siempre puedes preguntar en los foros o en el canal de IRC #ftwgl en

?November 2009 - January 2010?

Ladders are now open! Go to to sign your team up!

Be sure to log out of the league site before logging into the other ladder site, otherwise your cookies will prevent you from logging in.

CTF Season 1 Winner
October 25, 2009

FTWGL Season 1 CTF Winner: #2 /VeX/ over #1 golden. by a total score of 6-1 on ut4_subway.

Thank you to all who played this season. Look forward to FTWGL Season 2, coming soon.

Look for announcements regarding rule changes and start dates in our forums.

CTF Finals Tonight!
October 25, 2009

8pm EST this Sunday night!
Head to #ftwgl for possible GTV / shoutcast info!

Good luck to both teams

Team Survivor Champs
October 25, 2009

Congratulations to Area 51 Gaming which claimed FTWs first Team Survivor championship (and their second title of season 1) after beating Smile yn Hell (syh) in a close match!

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