Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
New Head Admin and Admin Apps
October 22, 2012

Lady has stepped down from the Head Admin position. She has done an incredible job organizing behind the scene and up front. She will be sorely missed.

As per our protocol, we opened the vacant position up to current admins. Bludshot has agreed to take Lady's place as the third Head Admin. The current Head Admins are: x8, gold, and Bludshot.

We will also be taking applications for new admins. We definitely need some additional help with operations, and there are a lot of cool things we want to do for the community like new tournaments and contests. If you have an interest in helping out the FTW community, please sent a PM to x8, gold or Bludshot with a short paragraph about yourself and your history with FTW and UrT, why you want to be an admin, and what you would be able to offer to the admin team. We seriously consider all applications, so do not hesitate to apply.

Note on Reporting Matches
October 22, 2012

We have been pretty lenient about match reporting up to this point, since it has taken some time for teams to familiarize themselves with the new reporting methods. That being said, the grace period is officially over. If matches are not properly reported within 48 hours of when the match is played, both teams will recieve forfeit losses. This means: BOTH TEAMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTING THE CORRECT SCORES AND SCREENSHOTS WITHIN 48 HOURS. Moreover, make sure your e-mail is up to date, as Private Messages through the site are our primary means of contacting you (unless you idle in#ftwgl in IRC). By having your e-mail up to date you will recieve notification that you've gotten a PM from an admin.

Not properly reporting your scores in a timely manner is disrespectful to the admins, and the league as a whole. We will not allow laziness or ambivalence to be a detriment to having a schedule out in a timely manner from this point on.

Additionally, if your team no longer wishes to compete in FTWGL - or no longer has the numbers to do so - PLEASE notify an admin ASAP so we can avoid further Forfeits. We all do this for fun, and it is NO fun showing up at match time and to not have you opponent be there.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

TS Week 4 Matches
October 22, 2012

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Map: ut4_casa
Time: Tuesday, Oct 23 9:30pm EST

Map: ut4_casa
Oct 23, 9:30pm EST

FTW Season 7 - TS Week 4 Invite Division (9:30pm EST)
high5 sL
[-5150-] oK
mF wip.
high5*B [#]
n1. pnk
iCu* eVo

FTW Season 7 - TS Week 4 Main Division (9:30pm EST)
Rendise Jamas [b00bs]
i7 itc
Last of a Dying Breed #jailbreak
pretorian+ indica sativa
Skilled Team BYE

FTW Season 7 - TS Week 4 Open Division (9:30pm EST)
pride GlaD.B
GlaD.SA n1*
Xtreme Team GnB|
Immorals Warriors *PPA*
[AnK] [1up]**
[LCDLC] RuDe.cL|
Silent Killers BYE

CTF Week 4 Matches
October 20, 2012

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Map: ut4_poland_b11 (14)
Time: Sunday, Oct 21 9pm EST

Season 7 - CTF Week 4 Invite Division (9pm EST)
wTf [#]
iCu* -high5
sL i7
GlaD /eVo/
[b00bs] BYE

Season 7 - CTF Week 4 Main Division (9pm EST)
#jailbreak pnk
GlaD-B Clan //PaIsA//
Skilled Team GnB|
n1. FPMR
n1* BYE

More fixes!
October 17, 2012

The site now sends emails again. There was a little glitch when we moved to the new server cluster we're on now. Please rest assured that we will email you restlessly if you have matches, private messages and the likes. We will not spam you with junk though, you can read it off the site :)

In addition to the above, we changed the text editor on the site. It should load faster and it does not have the previous "editing" problems that TinyMCE had.

Again, as a reminder to all the teams, if you are "home" in the matchups, you should challenge the away team before the match happens, so that when the match is over, you can file the score/screenshots/demos/whatever and the other team will be able to accept the score. This is mandatory for all team leaders. Save us the headache of assigning an FFL to you if you fail to fill in your scores properly. However, if the home team fails to challenge you, the away team, you can still challenge them and enter the scores. It's not much of an issue, more a workflow type of approach.

Match creation
October 15, 2012

We've fixed a few things when creating challenges. When you challenge an opponent, the match is automatically accepted and awaits the results. This will simplify / fix the process that's been somewhat not followed properly by team leaders. Also, match comments are now properly open when the match is created. In addition, if you file a dispute (dispute field available when editing a match), all the admins / ops will be notified by PM about your request.