Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
Update your team profiles
June 15, 2012

We're proud to announce that we've considerably updated the Teams pages and now teams are able to enter ye ol' informations about their clan (leaders, tag, active, roster full, website, ts3, irc channel, summary of the team, etc.).

Please don't hesitate to update your teams profile :)

Database Recovery SUCCESS!
June 11, 2012

Sorry kids, the database engine went south, waaaaay south.

It's all nice and peachy now.

Back to fixing bugs!

New site is now LIVE!
May 13, 2012

Welcome to the new FTWGL site kids! Use your forums login and you'll be able to login to the site again! One nice unified platform.

There's quite a few bugs, but we've nailed most of them out. We need to re-add the previous content. Forums should be are now fully functional and the threading has been fixed. You may still notice that the activity color per forum is still not fully fixed. But we may have some permission problems coming from the old system.

As a reminder for everyone, please edit your profile and fix your timezone!!! In addition to that, please create your team, this will be your permanent crew for all seasons/off-seasons.

Oh, additionally, BB Code is broke for now too, give me 1-2 days to fix that. You can edit your signatures accordingly, We have a full wysiwyg editor embedded in the site now. We're planning to add automatic youtube/google video embedding. Just pasting the URL will convert it automatically as an embedded video window that fits the threads properly. It's not working yet but we're actively trying to get it working.

We're also looking for a skilled Drupal 7.x theme builder. We're looking at Zen and Omega as the master theme, since they both support HTML5 and mobile platforms. Right now we're using a Mix-and-Match Fusion based theme, it's clean and fast, we actually might leave it like this, don't know yet (I'll get flames for saying stuff like this anyway).

Note, the threading in the forum is still goofed up for the imported content, but we've applied a fix that will prevent future entries from doing it again.

Season 6 winners!
May 11, 2012

The FTWGL crew would like to thank all the teams who played for this season. We had a lot of fun GTV'ing a lot of matches and I hope all of you had a great fight to the death!

We would like to congratulate the following teams who won in their respective divisions:

Team Survivor:

- /eVo/
- [Doom]
- !Tc
- zL

Capture The Flag:

- GlaD*A
- GlaD*B
- /eVo/

Special congratulations goes to /eVo/ for winning in both TS and CTF!

Bomb off-season is about to start soon. Please stay tuned for the registration in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks again to all the teams who played, this was a fun ride.

Best Regards,
The FTWGL crew!

TS Finals Delayed
April 30, 2012

Due to disputes during the last week for playoffs. We are pushing matches back by 1 week. These disputes have had an effect on Invite, Open, and Main.

If Intermediate teams have a problem with this they may still play this Tuesday.

Also if uy is ready to play this Tuesday (given they have only had a 2 days notice that they are proceeding to the next round.) Main may also play.

Intermediate and Main will you please let us know. We would like to get GTV action on your matches.

So playoffs will be held on Tuesday May 8th.

Welcome to Gold - New Head Admin
April 22, 2012

Dear Squirrels,

We have decided to torture a rich soul, Xil-Gold is now our new Head Admin. After a 4 seasons break, his holy squirrel decided to join our ranks and accept the inevitable pain and headaches related to the Head Admin position.

Gold will be here to lead our great league, actively promoting healthy competition and draw the important lines as far as ruling goes.

Beware of his ban hammer, it's gold and Leprechaun built a custom mold to twart the evil trolls. He is in our opinion a very mature player in which we hold a lot of respect for. His views and knowledge about competitive environments, the best assets besides his gold, is priceless.

Welcome to hell, we got your brand new kerosene boots in the box right there ;)

Hail the holy golden squirrel! Hail FTWGL! HAIL GOLD!

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