About FTW

For The Win gaming league was the main North American Urban Terror league from 2009 to 2012. We ran 7 regular seasons with playoffs and several off-season tournaments. We played Urban Terror 4.1 TS, CTF, and Bomb mode.

When Stronger Than All league closed its doors after 16 seasons of Urban Terror, the leaders of the competitive clan community created FTW to keep things going. We played the uniquely North American style of Urban Terror which among other things places value on having a clear champion, and on non-wave CTF map control and teamwork. FTW also made some community driven changes from the way STA did things, including player friendly improvements and the addition of Bomb mode. We also opened up registration for teams from other countries to participate as long as they were ok with our servers and timezones. This meant there was a significant South American presence in FTW as well.

FTW was run by an evolving roster of volunteer admins and staff over the years. I was going to list them all here, but I know I will forget some names, so I would rather leave it than exclude someone by mistake. Each of us knows what we put into it, and all the people who enjoyed FTW knew who contributed too, so I'll just leave it at that. Everyone deserves thanks for their work, and some people deserve a huge thanks for everything they put into it.

By early 2013, the North American Urban Terror clan competition scene had fully evaporated, so, having no audience to serve, we closed up shop. No new league picked things back up again, because sadly the game died.