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Bomb Tournament Started
March 11, 2013

The bomb tournament has started. Good luck and have fun!

Tournament page (with brackets) **
Brackets (full screen) **You have to click on Main Bracket link to make the bracket show up. Sorry about that. PM evilelf to complain about this, lol.
Rules and Format

FTW Winter Bomb
February 16, 2013

UPDATE: The tournament has begun!

You can read about the Rules, Format, and Map List on the Bomb Tournament Rules and Format page.

FTW Winter Bomb
January 10, 2013

Update: As you know, FTW began as a North American league that also happened to allow South Americans to play. Over the years the number of NA teams has shrunk while the number of SA teams has stayed strong. So by Season 7, the majority of the teams in the league were from SA. We planned to make a decision later, for Season 8, about whether to re-focus our efforts on North America, OR, to officially expand more internationally.

That decision had not yet been made. In the meantime, I intially was intending to run this bomb tournament as a small off-season thing in a way that did focus more on NA, by getting NA signups first, and then limiting the number of SA teams. I honestly didn't think that would be a problem, since I thought people would consider it a small side competition, similar to other off-seasons I have run like the Beta Cup.

But it was a problem, as some South Americans were offended by it. So that made me realize that we needed to make a decision about the future of FTW *before* I ran this bomb tournament, so that I could run it in a way that is appropriate for FTW's plans.

So we discussed our future plans, and I'm happy to announce that we are going to officially become a league of the Americas; we will serve both North and South America. We also plan to expand to Europe maybe later this year. [Editor's Note: This obviously did not end up happening, due to evilelf cancelling his development plans.]

So I am restarting the Bomb Tournament properly this time, signups are open to all teams from all countries. Europeans are also welcome if they can deal with the South/North American match times :)

The competition will use version 4.1.1, and be a Double Elimination tournament. More specific details to be announced soon.

Disruptive maintenance
January 3, 2013

Sorry if the site was not available for the past 24 hours, we had to fix a php security concern and the mysql binary logs got awefully big. Services are back to normal now.

What kind of off-season competition do people want?
December 31, 2012

We want to know your opinions about what kind of off-season competition to run. To get things running without too much delay, I need to get your feedback by January 7th. Signups will begin shortly after that.

There's lots of ideas to choose from, including yours. TS tournament, CTF mini-season, mixed-mode, 4.2 test competition, Bomb, Assault, etc. Post your comments here in the off-season competition ideas thread.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Season 7 Champions!
December 18, 2012

The season 7 playoffs are now complete, and we have our new champions!

S7 CTF Invite Champions: Pound Cake

S7 TS Invite Champions: -high5 Team

You can watch the recorded web cast of the CTF Invite final, courtesy of Thunder, here. And find many demos of the TS Invite final on the match page.

And the winners of the Main and Open playoffs are:

S7 CTF Main Winners: Work In Progress

S7 TS Main Winners: pretorian+

S7 TS Open Winners: <pride>

Congratulations to all the teams!

View the complete playoff brackets, and regular season final standings here:

CTF Invite Playoffs
CTF Main Playoffs

TS Invite Playoffs
TS Main Playoffs
TS Open Playoffs

Season 7 Regular season final standings