Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
Signups Open
June 2009

Sign ups for FTW are now open. Please use to appropriate buttons above to select the game type that you wish to sign up for and create your team. To add players to your team, make sure they are registered and then invite them using your team management options. Once you have signed up, private message an admin on the FTW forums to gain access to the Team Leader Discussion, where important votes will take place on rules changes before matches begin. The season will start in approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you have any other questions, please private message an admin (IRC: #ftwgl on Gamesurge) or post on the forums.


At the start of 2009, around the time STA was falling apart, community discussions began about creating a new league. At first we used a sub-forum at the Team Terror forums to discuss plans such as the new league format, and what the name of the new league would be. Shortly after that, in March, a name was decided upon, the domain was purchased and the new website was set up. At first it only had a splash page and a forum. There were delays with certain folks who said they would create the league website and then ultimately fell through (a reoccuring theme at ftw ever since...) In June the actual web site was put up, which is why there is no news until June.

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