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Season Four
January 07, 2011

Signups for FTW Season 4 are now open. Preseason/Qualifiers begins January 23rd, with week one to start the following week. Rules will be updated before the start of the season. Map voting has started.

Signup Here | TS Map Voting | CTF Map Voting

UrbanTerror HD Alpha
December 25, 2010



Thanks to no|evilelf and [3spades] and slackin


Triathlon is Over!
December 2010

So, Triathlon is finally over, congratulations go out to the Besserman 6 who defeated Team Veneration with a narrow 6-4 victory in Bomb Mode on Casa and winning the 100 USD towards their server fees.

Thanks go out to all the people and teams who made this competition possible, thanks guys make sure you are around next time we do this so we can make sure the kinks are mostly worked out.

Speaking of kinks check out this thread and give your suggestions for how to make Triathlon better next time we play it.

Triathlon Playoff Stage
December 2010

After a three and a half week group stage involving teams being upset, dominating, playing close fought matches and unfortunately even dropping out. We are finally here at the playoff elimination stage of the tournament.

The top three teams from each group continue, with the top team from each group getting to sit while the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams from each group fight it out to see who plays that 1st seed.

We would like to thank all teams for participating in the Triathlon and expect to see another one soon with more improvements :)

Preliminaries: Sunday December 5th - ut4_orbital_sl
Quarter Finals: Tuesday December 7th - ut4_pandora_b6
Semi Finals: Sunday December 12th - ut4_turnpike

Finals: Wednesday December 15th - ut4_casa

November 23, 2010

Congratulations to syh, FTWGL Season 3 Invite Team Survivor champions.

Triathlon Information!
November 17, 2010
Solitary Triathlon Tournament Information

Full Tournament Schedule Here.
Each match is a best of three maps contest. The same map is played for all three gametypes.
1st map: Team Survivor
2nd map: Capture The Flag
3rd map (tiebreaker): Bomb

Map 1: Team Survivor
The Team Survivor Round is 5v5 and 12 minutes long, the config is activated by the console command “/rcon exec ftwt.cfg”, the team that wins the most Rounds wins Map 1. The home team picks their color for the Round, the overall winner of the Round wins the Round. The home team is the one first on the schedule, ie. A vs B; A is home.

Map 2: Capture The Flag
The Capture The Flag Round is 5v5, 12 minutes long divided into two 6 minute halves and played on the same map as the Team Survivor Round; the config is activated by the console command “/rcon exec ftwtctf.cfg”, the team that wins the most rounds overall wins the Capture the Flag Round in the case of a tie across halves, a third round will be played to determine the winner of the map. The winner of the TS map gets first pick for their starting color. The map is not changed after the Round is over. In the event of the 3rd CTF round being played the team that won the TS round gets to pick their color.

Map 3 (tiebreaker): Bomb
The Bomb Round is 5v5, 10 rounds total divided into two 5 round halves and played on the same map as the Team Survivor and Capture The Flag Rounds; the config is activated by the console command “/rcon exec ftwtbomb.cfg”, the team that wins the most rounds across halves wins the Bomb Round in the case of a tie across halves, another Map of bomb will be played until there is a winner. The winner of the Second Map gets first pick for their starting color

Scores will be reported in the appropriate scoring forum (Match Results --> 5v5 Triathlon 2010), the winner will be determined by who wins the best of three maps.
The top 2 ranked teams in each Bracket will advance to playoffs at the end of the Triathlon’s 7 Match Group Stage. The Playoffs are single elimination.

Direct any further questions to admins on #ftwgl @

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