Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
Week 6 Results, Week 7 semi-final
April 30, 2013

In the two week long Week 6, Eccentric Miners eliminated Pride in a close 14-12, 15-11 win on Orbital and Algiers. The game was broadcast by's Thunder (aka ZeroCool). Recorded video hopefully coming soon in the next couple days. Screenshots.

This brings us to the lower bracket semi-final, pHuckers vs Eccentric Miners.


Note: (as was said before the tournament began), next week's Final is not a double elimination game. That means if Boobs loses it, they would be eliminated from the tournament even though they wouldn't have 2 losses.

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Week 5 Results, Week 6 Schedule
April 16, 2013

UPDATE: Week 6 is delayed a bit, EM and Pride were having trouble getting together for the match.

In Week 5, Boobs sent Phuckers to the lower bracket, defeating them 20-6, 15-11 on Uptown and Subterra. Subterra was a very close map, and looks like it was a fun time. (See, I told you guys Subterra was a good bomb map :D ) Screenshots. With that, we're all caught up to week 6.

Unfortunately Skilled Team was having some numbers problems this week, so Pride got a ffw.

The main bracket is now complete, with Boobs going to the Final. In the lower bracket we have two more matches: Eccentric Miners vs <pride>, and then the winner of that plays vs pHuckers.

If it works for all three of those teams, I'd like to see both of those matches happen this week, either by EM and Pride playing before Sunday, or, by having a double header on Sunday night with games at 7pm and 9pm. (Or if that doesn't work for everyone, then we'll just do one match this week and the other next week like normal.)

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Bomb Week 4 Results, Week 5 Schedule
April 8, 2013

In Week 4 we had three matches. We did some catching up with a re-do of a week 3 match: in the upper bracket Phuckers sent Skilled Team to the lower bracket in a decisive 23-3, 19-7 win on Mandolin and Algiers. Screenshots.

In the lower bracket, getting ahead of the game with a week 5 match, Eccentric Miners swept Pretorian in the first three halves 12-1, 12-1, 13-0 on Turnpike and Abbey. In the fourth half either Pretorian dug deep or Miners let up, going 8-5. Screenshots. Either way, looks like some good sportsmanship by all the teams this week.

Also in the lower bracket, Pride got a no-show FFW over GnB.


For Week 5 we have two matches. In the lower bracket there's Skilled Team vs Pride. Creepily, both Skilled Team and Pride each previously beat Frozen Sand with the exact same scores: 17-9, 16-10. So I'd say this should be evenly matched!

In the upper bracket we're still catching up with a week 4 match, Boobs vs Phuckers. The winner of this match goes directly to the final. The loser still has a chance at the final, but first they would have to win a lower bracket match. Neither team has really been tested yet this tournament, so it's hard to say who the favorites are. One thing is for sure, Phuckers better start practicing their Uptown :P

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Teams are encouraged to agree to schedule their matches sooner if possible, so we can wrap this up faster and get to the final. Default day is still in effect if teams can't find an earlier time to play.

April 4, 2013

In Week 3, Pride beat Frozen Sand 17-9 on Uptown, 16-10 on Algiers. With those decent scores this looks like it was probably a fun match! Sadly this makes 2 losses for Frozen Sand so they are out. At least they got to play some actual games and not forfeits.

Allstarts played vs Phuckers, but then Allstarts got disqualified from the tournament for having cheaters on their team. This meant Allstart's Week 2 win over Skilled Team also got retroactively overturned, so the Phucker's match got deleted. Now Skilled Team will be playing the re-done week 3 match against Phuckers instead.

Boobs got a FFW because EM didn't have enough. By The Way didn't show up for their match vs Skilled Team, and with the adjustment to the brackets because of the Allstarts disqualification, this match got changed to be Allstarts vs By The Way. The match was a double forfeit since By The Way didn't show up all week, and Allstarts is disqualified.

Pretorian got a forfeit win over n1 team, because apparently n1 disbanded. And GNB got a bye because their would-be opponent was disqualified from the tournament.

Can you handle all this hardcore Urban Terror tournament action?!!  Oh well, all I can do is set this stuff up for you guys and then it's up to you.

The week 4 main bracket match with Boobs is postponed, waiting for the winner of the Skilled Team vs Phuckers new adjusted week 3 match.

So this week's matches are:
Skilled Team vs Phuckers (adjusted week 3 game)
Pride vs GnB
Eccentric Miners vs Pretorian (actually a week 5 game that's ready to play now)

MOTW: Any game that actually gets played

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This week in Bomb
March 25, 2013

In Week 2, Pride took Boobs to three maps, tying map two 8-5, 5-8 on Casa. But Pride got owned in maps 1 and 3, for which Boobs had picked Uptown - a death knell for Pride since Boobs are the resident Uptown experts. Screenshots.

Allstarts had a convincing win over Skilled Team on Abbey and Casa. Screenshot links in the match comments.

Donair and Phuckers got forfeit wins as their opponents EM and n1 didn't show up. The lower bracket had all byes.

The Week 3 matches are now scheduled (Update: 2 of the matches got changed due to a FFL adjustment):
boobs vs eccentric miners
allstarts vs phuckers
skilled team vs by the way
n1 vs pretorian
pride vs frozen sand
gnb gets a BYE

MOTW allstarts vs phuckers

Remember, our format is first to WIN TWO maps.

Teams can agree to play these matches starting right now. You don't have to wait till next Sunday. Sunday is the default day if teams can't agree on a different schedule.

If your team is going to be busy next Sunday, try to reschedule right now so you can play your match some night *this* week. Don't wait till Sunday to figure out reschedules, it's the last day of the tournament week.

Bomb - Weekly Roundup
March 24, 2013

In Week 1, Skilled Team edged out Frozen Sand in a respectable showing for FS: 17-9, 16-10. I believe this is the first time FS has ever participated in a league competition, so that's pretty cool.

GnB fought valiantly against a very difficult opponent in pHuckers who swept them in 2 (less than 2 actually...)

Other than that, week 1 of the bomb tournament didn't see a lot of action. Because of the odd number of teams, there were byes for Pride, Donair, Allstarts and n1 Brazil who were all sent straight to round 2. In the other week 1 matches, By The Way was unable to field a team, and Pretorian and Eccentric Miners had a bit of a scheduling snafu, resulting in forfeit wins sending Boobs and Miners straight to round 2.

In this tournament, teams get to choose their own maps from a list of approved maps which teams voted on before hand. In week one, Turnpike, Algiers, Casa and Mandolin were played.

Again, because of the odd number of teams (that is, not an exponent of 2) Week 2 has byes for all the lower bracket teams (By The Way, Pretorian, Frozen Sand, and GnB). At least these will be the last byes in the tournament.

In the main bracket for week 2, we've got:
Pride vs Boobs
Miners vs Donair
Allstarts vs Skilled Team
Phuckers vs n1 Brazil

Got any predictions? Who do you think will win the tournament?

I think the match of the week is probably going to be pHuckers vs n1.

Click here to see the tournament Brackets - You have to click on the Main Bracket link to make the bracket show up. Paging doctor Elf!