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Watch CTF Invite final live stream
December 16, 2012

Watch the CTF Invite final between # and glad, right now, LIVE

Shoutcast - Pound Cake v high5
December 9, 2012

Courtesy of Thunder:

Changes to mandatory demo policy
December 9, 2012

Notice: retroactively for the playoffs,
- Demo submission deadline is no longer 72 hours
- Demos are now only mandatory from Winning teams, except in the Final
- Winners can still request 2 demos from their opponent as usual

The last minute mandatory demo policy change has caught far too many teams and players off guard. Also, last weekend many people had trouble accessing the site, making it hard for them to post their demos on time.

We don't want to be handing out tons of forfeits on technicalities such as missing the 72 hour deadline. The important thing isn't a deadline, it's that teams play a clean game and upload their demos.

Therefore, the demo submission deadline is no longer 72 hours. Also, full team demos will only be mandatory from winning teams. (Except in the Finals game, where both teams must upload all their demos.) The winning team must upload all of their demos. I recommend uploading your demos immediately after your match before you forget. If we don't get your demos, your match will become a forfeit loss!

The winners can still request the demos of two of the opposing team's players, just like in the regular season. Because I am making this change a week after the first matches, you will be allowed to make those demo requests late (since you thought you didn't need to request any since they were all mandatory before). If any of your requests are not filled, pm me and let me know and I will follow up on it. Failed demo requests that are not brought to my attention will not be followed up on. If you have a special reason to want more than 2 of your opponent's demos, let me know and I will consider it.

Upload your demos!
December 8, 2012

To avoid possible Forfeits and player suspensions, teams need to upload their playoff demos!

Teams like: WIP, Poundcake, SL, Glad, Pride, LCDLC, GNB, ANK, iTc, RJ, Okay, High5, and possibly others, are missing demos.

Site issues
December 5, 2012

Hi kids!

As you may have noticed, we've had a few site issues due to heavy loads and a problem in the code. We're actively working on fixing this. Please be patient as we are dedicating all the time we can to resolve this stability issue once and for all.

Again, your support is very appreciated and don't let this little snag get you down. We'll keep you posted about the scheduled maintenance windows.

Season 7 TS Invite Playoffs
November 30, 2012

Quarter Finals: ut4_orbital_sl Dec 4
Semi Finals: ut4_sanc Dec 11
Finals: ut4_turnpike Dec 18

Note: Unless both teams agree to use them, please note that Subs are prohibited in playoff matches. If a GTV server wishes to join the game, all subs must leave regardless of the agreement between the two teams. Substitutions can still be made during a timeout with players connecting and disconnecting to and from the server instead of using the /sub command.

Also, remember per our new demo rule: all players are required to post / upload their demos to their match page for every match. This includes substitutes. Either send your demo to your captain for him/her to upload, or post a link to your demo in the comments. You have 72 hours to post your demo.