Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
Regular Season Begins
February 2010

Just a reminder that Tuesday, Feb 23rd marks the first week of official match play. The matchups for Team Survivor have been posted here.

Join us on #ftwgl on Gamesurge 30 minutes prior to match in order to meet with your opponent.

Click above to join!


Solo para recordar que este Jueves 23 de Febrero, comienza la primera semana de partidos oficiales. Los partidos para Team Survivor los pueden ver aqui.

Entren a #ftwgl en Gamesurge 30 minutos antes de el partido para encontrarse con su oponente.

Click arriba para entrar!

CTF Preseason
February 2010

CTF Season 2: Preseason Matchups: SUNDAY FEBRUARY 21 2010 AT 9:00 PM EST

MAP: ut4_presidio_b24 (14) <--- Click here to download the original



TUC| vs.-Q0
zL* vs. no|
[51] vs [T]
.:KoF:. vs. 7s
xil- vs. wTf|
syh. vs. [M-19]
|NN| vs. /eVo/
iCu* vs. *pRo
|fn| vs {FeN!X}
>Z<| vs. /XeV/
> vs /VeX/
-=BD=- vs. [Um3]
:21. vs. pnk|
k4L vs. cheese
.:AnP:. vs/ |ALPHA|

Not matched & should show to play if a teams opponent does not show up: [Col]

Be in #ftwgl 30 minutes prior to match time to arrange sever info with team captains.
First team listed is host team and starts as red..


Bomb Preseason Complete
February 2010

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Bomb preseason. Please direct your feedback about week 2 and the maps used to the appropriate threads on the forums!

Week 2 Settings Feedback

Week 2 Maps Feedback

Attention to all team captains: voting for this seasons maps will begin very shortly. Please check the BM Team Leaders forums to vote. We will need to vote on 16 maps for the season, and some maps may be replayed.

BM Team Leader Forums


Gracias a todos aquellos que participaron en la pre-temporada de Modo Bomba. Por favor, pongan sus sugerencias acerca de la 2da Semana y de los mapas usados en los temas correctos de los Foros!

Sugerencias en la configuracion Semana 2

Sugerencias de los mapas Semana 2

Atencion a todos los capitanes: el voto para los mapas de esta temporada comenzara muy pronto. Por favor revisen el foro de BM Team Leaders para votar. Nesecitaremos votar por 16 mapas para esta temporada, y algunos otros seran jugados 2 veces.

Foros de BM Team Leader

Team Survivor Votes
February 2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Team Survivor pre-season. Now is your chance to give us feedback for the regular season. The following two polls will close Thursday at 11:00pm EST.

All members vote on whether to use one map or two each week.

Team captains vote for the maps to be used.


Gracias a todos los que participaron en nuestra pre-temporada de Team Survivor. Ahora es la oportunidad de hacernos alguna sugerencia para la temporada regular. Las siguientes 2 encuestas se cerraran el dia Jueves a las 11:00pm EST.

Todos los miembros votan para jugar o no 2 mapas cada semana

Los capitanes de equipo votan por los mapas a jugar en la temporada

Bomb Mode Preseason Week 2
February 2010

Thank you to everyone for participating in Week 1 of the BM preseason. This week we will be switching some settings around again in order to test them out.

If you would like to comment on week 1 settings, please post in the FTW forums: HERE!

Week 2 Settings:

1) 2 Maps

2) Each map is its own map. Whoever has the highest red score, wins the map and the points associated with it, as well as the differential. If teams split the 2 maps, the team with the largest differential "wins" the head-to-head match up; however the points will still represent a tie.

3) 17 rounds, 1:15 round time limit

4) The home team get to choose either the first map to be played, or the first server to play on. The away team gets the remaining choice. The home team is the team listed first in the schedules. Home team always starts as red.

5) New rule: as a courtesy to all players, please ready up within 2 minutes after roles are swapped. In the event of a major violation of this courtesy rule, penalties to differential may apply at the admins discretion.

Thursday Feb 18th, 9:30pm EST - ut4_dust2_v2, ut4_toxic

BM Config - FTWBombtest.cfg

Week 2 Matchups

Also, The Admins vs. Trolls CTF match is this weekend! (Click for more info!)

Sunday February 14th at 9pm EST on ut4_tunis (13)

GTV will be available!

Bomb Mode Preseason Week 1
February 2010

There will be a couple changes to BM this season. We will use the follow rules in the preseason. Your feed back is welcomed and encouraged. We are going to be testing a couple different rule sets, so please try them before disparaging them.

1) 1 Map

2) 1:30 round times

3) 13 rounds with swap roles, and a server switch after both sides are played

4) Scoring will remain Red points only.

Thursday Feb 11th, 9:30pm EST - ut4_village
Thursay Feb 18th, 9:30pm EST - TBA

BM Config - FTWBomb.cfg

Week 1 Matchups


Habra un par de cambios en BM (Modo Bomba) para esta temporada. Usaremos las siguientes reglas en la Pre-Temporada. Todas sus sugerencias son bienvenidas. Vamos a probar un par de reglas distintas, asi que por favor pruebenlas antes de decir que no les gustan.

1) 1 Mapa

2) Rounds de 1:30

3) 13 rounds con swap roles, y un cambio de servidor despues de que se hayan jugado ambos lados.

4) El conteo de solo Puntos del equipo rojo se mantiene.

Jueves 11 de Febrero, 9:30pm EST - ut4_village
Jueves 18 de Febrero, 9:30pm EST - Por Anunciarse

Config de Modo Bomba - FTWBomb.cfg

Partidos de la Primera Semana de BM

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