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Bomb Matchups
July 2009

If you have not seen the Bomb Matchups yet, here they are:

Thursday, July 16th @ 9:30 EDT

Home - Away

Forbidden Ninja vs |ALPHA|
High Octane vs the HIGH clan
Area 51 Gaming vs What The Frag?
Black Ops Squadron vs Team Terror
Team*pRoMeThEaN vs I See You!!!
Clan =JoEvO== vs M-19
Exile vs VeX
Exaggerated Skill vs Synergy
Railway vs Royal Crew -assassin-

Maps played will be:

ut4_turnpike 38/7
ut4_austria 40/7

Match Reporting
July 2009

For info on reporting your match until parts of the site are complete, please see this thread:


Season 1 to Begin
July 08, 2009

Attention all teams,

After months of preparations and hard work by numerous members of the community, For The Win is ready to kick off its inaugural Season of Urban Terror competition!

FTW Season 1 start date is:

SUNDAY, July 12, 2009

Since it is a Sunday, we will be kicking off with some CTF at 8:00pm EDT.
On Monday, TS matches will begin at 9:30pm EDT.
The initial week will be wrapped up on Thursday at 9:30pm EDT with BM.

Matchups will be posted on the site news along with maps and extra settings. We are still putting the finishing touches on a couple aspects of the website, but there will soon be a "Matchup" page that will make it easy for teams to find who plays who.

For the full map lists, check the forums.

Once again, the admins would like to reiterate that all teams must have a representative on IRC at least 30 minutes prior to matches regardless of whether or not a team responded to earlier contact attempts. #Ftwgl is the official channel to meet in, but having your own clan channel and updating your team profile with that info will help make things even easier. Not only does being on IRC make it easier for teams to contact each other, but it also makes it easier for admins to contact teams and for teams to find admins.

Additional ways to contact clans/admin/other players is to join the FTW Xfire group or to visit the FTW public Ts2 server. Info on both can be found on the forums.

There are still a few votes going on, so log into the forums and cast your teams vote if you are a team leader.

The admin team would like to wish each team the best of luck in the upcoming season, and hopes that everyone will have a fun time. Remember, FTW is supposed to be a league where teams can have serious competition, but without the drama!

Your FTW Admins


Atencion a todos los Equipos.

Despues de meses de preparacion y de el trabajo duro de numerosos miembros de la comunidad.
For The Win esta listo para comenzar su temporada inagural en la competencia de Urban Terror!

La fecha de inicio de la primera temporada de FTW es:

DOMINGO, 12 de Julio, 2009

Dado que se trata de Domingo, comenzaremos con CTF a las 8:00pm EDT.
Los Lunes, los partidos de TS comenzaran a las 9:30 EDT.
La semana inicial se terminara el Jueves a las 9:30 EDT con BM.

Los partidos seran anunciados en la seccion de noticias junto con los mapas y ajustes adicionales. Aun estamos dando los ultimos toques en un par de cosas de el sitio web, pero muy pronto habra una pagina con los "Partidos" para hacer mas facil que los equipos se enteren de quien juega contra quien.

Para la lista completa de mapas, revisen los foros.

Una vez mas, a los administradores les gustaria que todos los equipos tuvieran un representante en IRC al menos 30 minutos antes de los partidos independientemente de si el equipo respondio antes o no a los intentos de contactarlo. #Ftwgl es el canal oficial para encontrarse, pero si tu equipo tiene un canal propio actualiza tu perfil con esa informacion para hacer las cosas mas faciles. El IRC no hace las cosas mas faciles solo para que los equipos se contacten unos a otros, si no que tambien hace mas facil que los admins contacten a los equipos y los equipos a los admins.

Otra forma de contactar a clanes/admins/otros jugadores es unirse a el grupo de la FTW en Xfire o visitar el server publico de Ts2. La informacion sobre ambos la pueden encontrar en los foros.

Aun hay algunos votos que continuan, asi que busquen en los foros y hagan el votos de su equipo si son lideres.

El equipo de administradores desea a cada equipo la mejor de las suertes para la proxima temporada, y espera que todos se diviertan. Recuerda, FTW se supone que es una liga donde los equipos pueden tener una competencia seria, pero sin el drama!

Tus admins de FTW

Pre-season over
July 2009

Thank you to everyone who participated in preseason. Preseason is now over, and we will have an announcement on the start date for FTW sometime this weekend.

In the mean time, there are many important team leader votes taking place in the forums. So, if you are a Team Leader, go place your vote!

Once again, the admin crew would like to stress the importance of being IRC prior to the matches. Preferable, you should contact the opposing clan at least 30 minutes before a match is scheduled to start. We also support Xfire (join our Xfire Group!), as a way to contact people, and there should be some upcoming news about a FTW TS2 server available to member and clan use.

We would also like to welcome Furia_Azteca to the Operations team as a Spanish translator. We hope this will help to streamline communications between many SA clans, NA clans, and the Admin team.

Additionally, we would like to welcome un4 of clan /VeX/ to the CTF Admin sqaud!

Stay Tuned...

Pre-Season Week 2
June 2009

This will be the last week of preseason. Please check the forums for match ups. Times and days are the same as last week.

Please idle on IRC. The official FTW channel is #ftwgl on Gamesurge. IRC is the official way to contact other clans. If all else fails, be on IRC or prepare to forfeit. Clans should update their team info to reflect their IRC channel.

If a team fails to show to 2 consecutive weeks of preseason, they will be removed.

Happy fragging!

#urtpug on Gamesurge
June 2009

In addition to idling in the official FTW IRC channel (#ftwgl), another great channel to visit is #urtpug. Much like its European counterpart, #urtpug is a great place for skilled players to gather and play a fun, friendly, and competitive game of Urban Terror without all the newbs. Join up to help make the UrT American community stronger!

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