Note: many of the links found throughout the old news are broken because they point to parts of the old site and forum that aren't there anymore.
CTF Schedule Week 3
March 2010
CTF Maplist, Rankings and Schedule
March 2010
Week 2 TS Matchups/Rankings Posted
March 2010

Week 2 TS Matchups/Rankings Posted HERE

Season 2 Match Score Reporting
February 2010

Please pay attention to the new methods of reporting scores and uploading demos and screen shots. We hope to be implementing a score report form for you convenience imminently. As soon as this is available we will make it known and direct you too it.

In addition to reporting scores, we ask that you please post your screen shots of scores as well as your rcon status SS to the forums. We also ask that you follow the rules and upload 1 demo for each map as is prescribed. This is very important in maintaining the legacy of the league and having an accurate record of matches played. Additionally, it offers a new level of transparency, as all clan can help police banned players.

The Forums for posting SS and demos can be found >HERE<.

You can upload demos and SSs through the forums and you dont necessarily have to host them elsewhere.

Special Thanks to [51]don for his help with the score report form.

Capture the Flag Week 1
February 2010
Bomb Mode Week 1
February 2010

Week 1 Matchups

Season 2 Bomb Mode Specific Rules

Bomb Mode Config - Season 2 Update!


Partidos de la 1ra Semana

Reglas especificas para la segunda semana de Modo Bomba

Bomb Mode Config - Actualizado para la 2da Temporada!

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