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BM Overtime Tool
July 10, 2012

Bludshot came up with this helpful tool that can help teams choose their overtime maps.

Enjoy! And make sure to thank him!

FTW Summer Bomb
July 10, 2012

Well, the bomb off-season registration is closed!

Please click on this link to view the brackets!

Game day: Sunday and Tuesday. 21:00 and 21:30 respectively.

Rules and Configs are available through the links. Map list is now available.

Don't forget to update your team profiles (edit function in your team) and update all the fields in there. Make sure you set all the information in there so that other teams can contact you before match time!


FTW Summer Bomb Map List
July 7, 2012

Click on this article to see the full list of approved maps for FTW's Summer Bomb Tournament. Note that you may need to adjust the g_bombexplodetime depending on the maps. Each map is different, so a standard bomb explode time is impossible!

Update: Download links have been provided. We HIGHLY recommend you download all the maps beforehand if you don't already have them (especially ut4_railed)!

Maps (explode times)
ut4_abbey (35)
ut4_algiers (40)
ut4_austria (40)
ut4_casa (40)
ut4_dust2_v2 (38)
ut4_kingdom_rc6 (38)
ut4_mandolin (40)
ut4_orbital_sl (32)
ut4_railed (35)
ut4_sanctuary (40)
ut4_sliema (38)
ut4_subterra (38)
ut4_turnpike (38)
ut4_uptown (38)

Bomb Rosters
July 4, 2012

Due to the double elimination of this Bomb Tourney, rosters will lock at at 11:59 PM July 9th in the usual Eastern Daylight Zone time. Please make sure you get your players on ASAP!

UPDATED - Bomb Mode Starts Soon!
June 26, 2012

Signups End: July 8
Matches Begin: July 10


Map List and Times will be posted by June 29. Stay tuned.

FTW Summer BM Tourny Rules
June 23, 2012

Double Elimination 5v5 BM Tournament. Double elimination means that if you lose, you get placed into another bracket along with other teams who have also lost. If you lose again, then you are out of the tournament for good!

Matches on Sunday and Tuesday (standard FTWGL times; 9:00 and 9:30 EST respectively)

Winner: Best of 3 Maps. In the event of ties, this means the first team to win two maps wins the match.

Maps are best of 13 rounds (+swap roles) & additional map(s) in event of a tie. Most total points wins the map.

Maps will be chosen by each team captain from a pool of approved maps (remember to use the correct explode times). The home team (the team listed first on the bracket) will choose Map 1 and the away team will choose Map 2. The team not choosing the map will be allowed to choose which color they wish to start as. In the event of an overtime the map will be chosen by a process of elimination. Each team captain takes turns eliminating a map from the map pool (which excludes the maps already used for the first two maps) until their is only one map remaining - that map will be played. The team with the most overall points chooses first. If points are even, the home team chooses first. It is recommended that team captains proceed with this process on IRC with a map list in front of them.

Map list & explode times

Defuse time: 7

FTW Bomb Mode Tournament Config
Unless otherwise noted, all other FTWGL rules still apply. E.g. you can only play on one roster.


First off, as always, only North American servers can be used (unless two South American teams agree to use a different one for example).

Secondly, the Home team (the team seeded first) can either choose server or map for the first map.
EXAMPLE: If the home team chooses the server, then the away team gets to choose the map. For map 2, the away team chooses server and the home team chooses map.

For overtime, the team with the most overall points is awarded "Home team" status and gets to choose the server. The other team gets the server choice if there are additional maps.

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