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Map List
2008-05-06 12:14

The final map list has been announced:

Week 1: Casa
Week 2: Austria
Week 3: Abbey
Week 4: Algiers
Final: Turnpike

Tourney Started!
2008-05-01 22:13

The matches are set for round 1 of the tournament! Click on "1st Tournament" in the left side menu to view the tourney bracket.

Match Comments for your match are accessible by clicking on the 0:0 below the names (0:0 being the score before the match is played). The map for the first week is Casa.

If you haven't read the rules yet, you should read them now so you know how things go for these matches.

Players have until next Thursday night (May 8) to play their matches. If opponents cannot agree on a match time then the match must be played at the default time, 10 pm EST on Thursday. But let's not wait till the last minute eh guys!

Tourney starts this Friday!
2008-04-28 16:49

The tournament will be starting this Friday, May 2nd, at which time the matches will be entered on the site here: 1st Tournament

As the instructions in the rules explain, you will then have 1 week to play your match (specific details available in the rules).

If we don't get enough people signed up by Friday (and as of right now there are at least a couple vacancies) then some people may get byes in round 1.

Incomplete profile info
2008-04-23 10:18

Hey guys, please edit your profiles and set your country flag, and 1 contact method. If you just want to use email and no "communicator" (such as xfire or irc), then that's ok, but then you need to set your email to *visible* because by default it is hidden.

Also make sure you have registered on our forums.

On another note, we are currently in a holding pattern waiting to see how many people sign up for the tourney. It's going to be at least 32 players, but I'm still hoping for more than that. The start date will probably be the first week of May, but it depends a bit on the flow of new signups - but of course I'm not going to wait forever.

Each of you could help out by getting someone you know to join up!

Registration is open!
2008-04-20 18:59

Welcome to the Tournament of Terror! A 1v1 Urban Terror tournament hosted by Team Terror. The size of the tournament is going to be determined by how many people register, but I'm hoping it will be decently large.

At this time, the tournament is only open to North Americans.

Read the rules before registering, especially the part about setting up your profile with complete and correct information, and how the scheduling will work, and how match comments will be used. Don't forget to sign up on our forums as well, with the same name you used here (although you may add your clan tag on our forums).

If you have any questions about the tournament let me know.

Final Preparations
2008-04-17 12:48

Final preparations are being made on the first Team Terror 1v1 Tournament of Terror. We're working on getting it ready to start pretty soon here...

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