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Short Delay
2008-07-18 21:53

The EU schedule is going to be delayed a bit while we wait for a couple overdue matches to get played.

In the meantime, you may still go ahead and play your next match if you know who your opponent is (it should be obvious by looking at the bracket whether you have a solid opponent yet or not). Just hold on to your match results until I enter the match on the site, then you can report them.

The map for this week is ut4_abbey

The NA schedule is up now.

Week 2 Round-Up
2008-07-11 15:47

We had better participation in week 2, but still a bunch of forfeits. Finally this coming week it looks like we're down to just the active people, so there should be no more forfeits. The match of the week is vs DANGER . Each player won a close map, pushing the match into a 3rd tie breaking map where edged out Danger by one round, winning the map 10-9.

This week's map is going to be ut4_austria.

So by week 3 , , , , , and have all been knocked out of the tourney, leaving , , , , , , , and in the race.

North America
This was a good week with mostly close matches and some tie breaking map 3 nail biters. The match of the week is ]{arizma vs ol'whiskey .

In the first tourney this was as far as Kenny, Dondon, and Raimondo got. Will they make it further this time around? Kenny plays Raimondo this week so one of them definitely will. Meanwhile Dondon faces off against his own clanmate, Karizma, who got knocked out in round 1 of the first tourney thanks to the random seeding that had him play against z00fle who ended up winning the tourney. Fu Daddy is going to need to bring it this week vs Solitary. The other match is HoVa vs Ziggy. One thing's for sure, everyone is hungry for a win!

Remember, demos are mandatory starting this week, so include them with your match reports.

Week 1 Round-Up
2008-07-04 12:41

North America
A handful of good matches got played this past week. Congrats to those players who advanced to the next round. There were quite a few forfeits though, which I'm going to attribute to the fact that it's summer and a lot of people are busy with that.

But the active people have advanced to the next round, so we shouldn't see any more forfeits from here on out. The match of the week is going to have to be dondon vs gHOstFaCe just because there's hardly any matches with demos to choose from lol.

For Week 2, we're all waiting for fu daddy and Blurrr to play their match because they didn't meet the deadline. So the schedule should be up tomorrow, and this week's map is Algiers.

Don't forget, you need to get your matches played by THURSDAY night.

We had a lot of byes in week 1 so that wasn't very eventful. There were 13 matches to play though, but only 3 of them got played and the other 10 were forfeits! So, hopefully we've weeded out the inactive people and week 2 won't see any more forfeits.

The match of the week is Magnesium vs Fix_Metal , which went to 3 maps, with Fix_Metal winning 13-12 in map 3. Close game!

The week 2 schedule is up now! Some people are having some trouble understanding how things work in this tournament, so here are some reminders:

- You are to use only the map scheduled by the tourney. This week it is Algiers. You don't get to choose your own maps to use.

- Matches have to be played by THURSDAY night.

- You must use the Match Comments on the site. You can agree on IRC about schedules, but you must then post that info in the Match Comments so I have an official record. Otherwise if you post nothing, it looks like you aren't available, and I may give you a forfeit loss.

- You should use the tourney config, t1v1.cfg

So good luck this week, and let's see a lot of matches being played :)

Added 4 late euro players
2008-07-01 15:22

I decided to add 4 euros who joined late, and substituted them in instead of byes. So that means that SpursScouz, ExecutorMortis6, "mr one and only", and Enermax now have matches instead of Byes.

It's a bit late notice, but hopefully it will be ok.

No more new players will be added after this.

You don't get to choose maps
2008-06-30 16:11

Hey guys, you do not get to choose the maps to play in this tournament. You must play the map for the match, which is listed on the match page. For example, you will see it looks like this:

5teel vs {BG}Depressor
Type: Play-offs
Date: 2008-06-27 00:00
Maps: ut4_turnpike

That means the entire match is played on Turnpike. So if it takes 2 maps, both is Turnpike. If it goes to 3 maps, it's still Turnpike.

Next week will be Algiers. Just check the match page to see what map to play. Thanks!

How to get to your match page
2008-06-29 12:37

To get to your match page where you can put in match comments, either click on the date next to your Upcoming Match, or click on the 0:0 on the bracket page.

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