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M0rtal wins it all!
2009-02-28 17:10

M0rtal has won the world championship and is now officially the best Urban Terror player in the world! Congratulations!!

The World Championship was done in a round robin format in which all of the players play against all of the other players, which means a total of 4 games each.

M0rtal won all of his matches, beating all of the other 4 continental champs.

v0dka, chrieze and Cheiron each have 1 more match left to play, and Zoo has 3 more matches to play. You can check out all the world championship matches by clicking on the "World Championship" link on the left side menu. *Update: These 3 matches got canceled because the players were taking too long to play them. It's just as well, because 2nd place in the world champs wouldn't mean you were 2nd in the world anyways, since the competitors have only beaten all the people in their own continent, not the other continents - but if you got 1st like M0rtal, then that means you did beat all the guys who beat all the guys in the other continents.

M0rtal wins 3rd game
2009-02-25 15:09

It might seem like I'm harping on M0rtal with these new's but it's only because he's getting his matches played faster. As soon as other people play more matches I'll report on those too :)

Chrieze put up a good fight in the M0rtal vs chrieze match, but M0rtal won even with his horrible ping, 28-13, 30-15.

With that, there is only one man standing between M0rtal and the world champ title: v0dka. But if v0dka wins, then he, Zoo, chrieze and M0rtal would all still be in the running for #1. And I believe CHEIRON still has a chance for the #2 spot - and #2 in the world is not too shabby :D

M0rtal wins 2nd game
2009-02-22 14:26

M0rtal has won his 2nd game of the world championship, in the M0rtal vs CHEIRON match. Each player took a turn having the better ping.

With this, M0rtal has 2 more matches left, against v0dka and chrieze. If either of them beat him, everyone will still be in the running. But if M0rtal can pull off these 2 wins, he'll have defeated everyone and taken the championship.

Good luck and have fun!

2009-02-23 05:24 
Go Go Go M0rtal !!! emo
1v1 World Championship
2009-02-20 20:37

The 1v1 World Championship is on now. The winners from each continental division of the regular season 1v1 tourney now face off against each other to determine the best UrT player in the world.

So far 2 matches have been played. M0rtal beat Zoo, and v0dka beat Cheiron. But it's still anyone's game, with 8 more matches to go.

The match of the "week" is CHEIRON vs v0dka . Not only is it an interesting and no doubt unprecedented Japan vs Uruguay match, but it was also a close one going 7-5, 9-7.

We have our champions!
2009-02-15 06:59

After 2 months of matches with 230 players we have our continental champs!

x8 says: Visit our wrap up discussion on our forums!

North America
Congratulations to Zoo, the now 2 time champ for NA (he also won in season 1). Zoo edged out Solitary in a close contest that went to 3. Solitary showed his skill with steady aim, excellent grenade placing, and good control of the map. But there's more to urban terror than the one spot by pillars on turnpike, and Zoo adapted to what Soli was doing and came out ahead.

Screenshots and demos: solitary vs z00fle

Congratulations to M0rtal, who defended his title from last season as best Urban Terror player in Europe. This finals match on Casa flip-flopped back and forth with M0rtal dominating map 1, hdx dominating map 2, and then M0rtal dominating map 3.

Screenshots and demo: M0rtal vs hdx

South America
Congratulations to v0dka, our lone Uruguay competitor who managed to beat 5 Colombians to take the SA title. (As can unfortunately happen) the random seedings must have resulted in a lopsided bracket with most of the skill in the top half, because v0dka made short work of his opponent in the final.

Screenshots and demos: v0dka vs Kedash

Perhaps in revenge for the name of this bracket, Chrieze, a New Zealander, has just taken the title of best UrT player in Australia. Congratulations Chrieze! In map 1, Reaper (representing Australia) was still in the game, losing by only 4 points. But in map 2 Chrieze left him in the dust, going 21-10.

Screenshots and demo: =|3|=Reaper vs chrieze

Congrats again to Cheiron for winning the Asian bracket. His wins in week 2 and 3 were both fairly close games, but he won the final against foxtrot easily.

Screenshots and demos: foxtrot vs CHEIRON

Congratulations also to all the other players who made it as far as they did. You can browse through the brackets and check out various screenshots and demos from all the matches.

When we decided to take the tourney world wide we didn't know what kind of response we would get, or how well things would go. But now I can say that it can only be described as a resounding success! Everyone should thank [T]x8 who did a bunch of work on the tourney. All of the matches have to be entered manually, as well as a bunch of other work, much of which was done by x8. Not to mention, I wasn't even going to do a 3rd season, it was his idea.

Thanks also to dondon from GlaD clan for hosting screenshots and demos.

And thanks to the Urban Terror community who helped us spread the word about this tourney.

World Championship!

As you can see in our poll, 82% of the people voted that yes, there should there be a 1v1 Champion of the World. So we're going to do it. The 5 continental champs ( M0rtal, CHEIRON, chrieze, v0dka, and z00fle ) will fight each other to determine who is the best Urban Terror player in the world! The match format will be identical to what we've been using for the rest of the tourney. However, the schedule format to correctly determine a winner is going to be a round robin followed by a mini-playoff if the round robin does not determine a clear winner. In other words, if one guy wins all 4 of his matches in the round robin, then we don't need a playoff. We will try to pick server locations that give us the most fair pings we can get.

AUS round 5 change
2009-02-07 14:23

The AUS finalists have double forfeited their match by taking too long to play it, and more importantly by not letting us know when or if they were going to play it late, even when we asked them. They gave no response (until beyond an extended deadline I gave them, and even then only 1 of them responded).

So the final match goes to the next in line, the guys who lost in the semi-final.

So it's Name vs chrieze

2009-02-13 21:34 
Sorry Name, the show had to go on and we had no contact from you, so for all we knew we'd be waiting forever. Hope you understand.
2009-02-13 20:24 
I can't believe this. I could've been a finalist and my computer had to stuff up.
2009-02-13 14:01 
aaaaaaaa!!!! lol ! emo
2009-02-10 00:19 
Ok, here's the deal. Reaper and Delirium can fight each other on Algiers, to battle for Name's spot. But, you must finish that match by this Friday and report it on the site.

Then, IF name misses the deadline to play his match (which we're assuming he will) then the winner of Reaper vs Delirium will get Name's final position and play chrieze.

But if that happens I would like that final match to be played as quickly as you can, preferably by next Wednesday.

Also, if Name does play his match on time, then the whole reaper/delirium thing gets thrown out (because that's only fair to Name)

Edited: 2009-02-10 00:20
2009-02-09 02:09 
If Name doesnt show up let me play Chrieze emo lol
2009-02-08 21:37 
If he doesn't turn up you get a forfeit win on Friday.

Then we *are* going to have a world champ championship. Stay tuned.
2009-02-08 19:09 
let us play against some other countries winners man.

and name isnt gonna turn up
2009-02-08 08:57 
Maybe they camp a lot in Australia, I don't know. But the rest of the world has a good time.
2009-02-08 07:00 
then they dont have to play heh- makes my life easier emo

the 1v1 tournament will continue to be a 1v1 tournament. there's potential for other tournaments to be added in the future.
2009-02-08 00:47 
ye jsut a heads up, most ppl from Aus think 1v1 isa waste of time, maybe adding a new game-type game mode or somethin would spice things up a bit, but most 1v1 are *may the best camper win*.
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