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NA round 5 semis done
2009-02-06 21:38

Round 5 for North America is finally finished. The match of the week was z00fle vs Despair .

Which means we've made it to the final round for NA, with season 1 champ Zoo facing off against Solitary.

Also Australia still hasn't finished their final round, reminding us why they are the land of wombats, koalas and sloths.

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2009-02-07 18:01 
Damn Sheep shaggers emo
2009-02-07 13:46 
2009-02-07 02:18 
ahahaha he didnt say us kiwis. booyah u kangadoos!
2009-02-07 02:08 
"Also Australia still hasn't finished their final round, reminding us why they are the land of wombats, koalas and sloths."

EU Round 5 and 6 wrap-up
2009-01-30 14:14

Europe has finished round 5 and round 6, while NA, SA, and AUS are still stuck on round 5 as we wait for those matches to get completed by slow people.

The match of the week for EU round 5 is M0rtal vs PioTraS and the motw for EU round 6 is M0rtal vs sh0Cked

Which means the EU bracket has reached the Final game! M0rtal vs hdx

M0rtal is the defending champ from last season and isn't going to want to let go of that title. Does hdx have what it takes to topple M0rtal from his throne as best urban terror player in Europe?? We're about to find out.

Australia enters round 5 Final
2009-01-25 14:53

Australia has caught up with everyone else and is now entering the round 5 Final match: Stephen vs Azza on ut4_abbey.

Meanwhile, round 6 for everyone else is delayed a bit while we wait for a couple stragglers to finish their round 5 matches. If you see them, bug them to hurry up. Thanks!

Round 4 summary
2009-01-18 15:08

Round 4 took a while because of the holidays and other delays, but it is finally finished (mostly).

First off, congratulations to CHEIRON, our 1v1 Champion for the Asian bracket. The ASIA bracket was plagued with a lot of forfeits, but still, about half the matches got played, including every one of CHEIRON's matches. He fought his way to the top, beating out d43m0n, RT, WiseMan", and foxtrot.

In the South American bracket, v0dka and Kedash have both made it to the Final. Vodka, the only player in the tournament from Uruguay leaves behind him a trail of defeated Colombians. Will Kedash avenge his fellow Colombianos, or will Vodka continue to rep Uruguay to take the title of best Urban Terror player in South America? Watch the site this week to find out!

The Australian bracket which is currently in the Semi-Finals has been pushed back a week, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see who makes it to the championship game there. 2 Australians and 2 New Zealanders are still in it.

The European bracket enters the Quarter-Finals this week, with Portugal, Poland, Austria, France, United Kingdom, and Slovenia still in the running.

In North America we're down to the Semi-Final this week, with Kenny vs Solitary and Zoo vs Despair. Last season Kenny eliminated Soli and went on to win the tourney. In the first season, Zoo was the champ. Meanwhile, Despair probably wants it the most, since he says he's just as good or better than the best players in the game. Either way these should be two highly competitive and interesting matches.

Here are your matches of the week:

EU M0rtal vs Blackberries

ASIA foxtrot vs CHEIRON

AUS Aussies and Kiwis are delayed a week.

SA Nicrack vs v0dka

NA Despair vs jesuscamps

All the round 5 matches are now up (except for the slow Australians). The map is Abbey.

Round 5 to begin shortly
2009-01-12 20:19

Hey all, I'll try to have everything updated tomorrow as I had a number of things to deal with today. I need to solve a couple disputes still with this last round as well. All in all, looks like most of the matches got played with minimal forfeits! You'll have you next matches scheduled shortly :)

Round 4
2009-01-05 11:40

I've updated all the completed matches and created the next round's matches which were possible to create. I'm still waiting on a couple unfinished matches to conclude... 1/11 is the final date for matches to be played for this round!

All brackets except for EU are now in PLAYOFFS/FINALS. As such, it is required that demos be provided and that screenshots are taken. If you're afraid you'll forget screenshots, please turn on the AUTOSCREENSHOT function.

ASIA is in its FINAL match between foxtrot and CHEIRON. The map is ut4_abbey.

All other regional brackets are playing ut4_algiers.

Matches of the Week:
NA- dondon v Despair
ASIA- CHEIRON v Wiseman"
AUS- opexwarrior v chrieze
SA- v0dka v Mazter
EU- Blackberries v Solaralex89

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