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Euro Servers...
2008-06-29 11:05

We're looking for some Euro players to offer up their servers for other players to borrow. Please use our forums to post your server info for others - Thread Link


The 2nd 1v1 Tourney Starts Now
2008-06-28 16:14

The schedule is up and the tourney has started! There are three tourney brackets: North America (NA), Europe (EU), and South America (SA). NA has 31 players, EU has 41, and SA has just 2, but I gave them a bracket anyway. Australia had only 1 guy sign up, so maybe next time Australia!

If you haven't read the rules yet, you really need to read them now. Remember, the matches are best 2 out of 3! Also, the 1v1 config is available for download, and you NEED it for your 1v1 matches. If you have any questions about rules or anything, please contact me.

European BYEs
You will notice there are a lot of byes in the EU bracket. This is because 41 players signed up, and I did not want to turn 9 of them away (to run a 32 man bracket). So I ran a 64 man bracket with a lot of byes so everyone got to play. This means a lot of people don't have a match until week 2.

If you have a match against "Bye" it is a bye! You are *not* playing against a guy named "Bye" ;p

You must play and report your first match by Thursday night, July 3rd. (But those EU players with Bye's do not have a match during Week 1, and have until July 10th to play your Week 2 match.

Remember, you don't get to choose the map; You must play the map prescribed by the tournament, which is listed on your match page! For example, Week 1 matches use Turnpike.

Good luck to all the players, and may the best player win!!

Join deadline is June 26th
2008-06-21 12:30

The deadline to join the tournament is Thursday June 26th. Remember, all you need to do is register on the site (and set your country in your profile) and then I will manually sign you up to the tournament. So if you have registered and filled in your profile with your country, then you don't need to do anything more to sign up.

Anyone who hasn't set their country by the deadline won't get to play.

The tourney bracket (schedule) will then go up next weekend.

Country, Sign-ups, Start date?
2008-06-15 10:14

Choose your Country!

When you register it is very important that you specify your country, or else we won't know what bracket to play you in. Thanks!

Here is a list of people who haven't specified their country. These people won't get to play if they don't set their flag!


You may have noticed that signups are off. You do not need to "sign up" to the tourney, you only need to "register". Then I will add you manually when we're ready to start.

Start date?

We are waiting for players to register on the site before we start. We *estimate* we may start next Friday. We'll let you know when we have a definite start date! :)

Now International!
2008-06-13 13:45

The tournament is now going international! Europeans, South Americans, North Americans, and the rest of the world are all invited to register. We will run a separate tourney for each continent, since ping is a pretty big issue in 1v1 Urban Terror.

First tourney Final match video
I've put up a video of the final match of the first 1v1 Tournament of Terror. The quality isn't great (gg's youtube) but you get the general idea.

If you want better quality, just download the demo

Zoo wins first 1v1 Tournament
2008-06-07 23:20

Congratulations to Zoo for winning the first 1v1 Tournament of Terror! Blink-182 finally met his match after an impressive flawless run, not losing a single map in the first four rounds of the tourney. So congratulations to Blink-182 as well, for his second place finish. Download the demo of the final match here.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this tourney a success! I hope to see you back next time for the second tourney.

Check out the Awards page to see the shiny awards given out for the first tourney.

The final points for the first tourney are:
15 z00fle, 10 blink-182, 6 sephy, 4 Gansta. 3 for dondon, kenny, and Raimondo. 2 for bludshot. 1 for Glock, }{AMMER, fu daddy, straight jackin, and redemption. Everyone else has 0 points, and 3 of those people have forfeits which puts them last. These points will be used for seeding the 2nd tournament.

I've put together a zip file of all the screenshots and demos that were submitted during the first tourney, click here to download it. It also includes snapshots of the bracket and overall player stats.

The second Tournament of Terror starts soon! Registration is open now. I've emailed everyone who signed up before or during the first tourney to see if you are returning for the second one. Please let me know if you are returning or you won't get to play!

The second 1v1 Tournament of Terror is international! How we're doing it is allowing people from anywhere in the world to sign up, and then running a separate tourney for each continent. So all the matches will take place between players on the same continent; there will be no USA vs Euro matches for example.

We are also running a 2v2 tourney at which is open to North Americans only.

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