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Tourney on break
2008-08-23 09:43

The tournament will be on break at least until sometime in late September.

Second Tournament Winners!
2008-08-05 08:54

The second 1v1 Tournament of Terror is over, and we have our winners!

North America:
1st kenny
2nd dondon

1st M0rtal

So the titles go to Canada and Portugal ;) Both finals went to 3 maps. Just based on the scores, the EU final seems to have been the more exciting of the two matches, going 12-11, 13-17, 9-12. You can get the demos for these matches here and here.

Congrats to the winners and the 2nd place runner ups. Thanks to everyone who played in the tourney and made it twice as big as the first one. Stay tuned for the 3rd tourney! We'll be taking a break for a while, and we'll make an announcement when signups are open for the next tournament.

The awards are now up on the Awards page. Congrats to Mr. Banana for winning the Ownage award for best map win/loss ratio.

The final points for the 2nd tourney (which count towards the seedings next season) are:

NA points:
14 kenny. 10 dondon. 6 solitary. 3 ziggy. 2 Karizma, fu daddy, hova, Raimondo. 1 Skaterdude, Hammer, bludshot, Window. 0 [PIT]Str8jacket, Daemon, gHOstFaCe, Muffie, ol'whiskey, Peter Venkman, priapuss, spectre, x8", xataxx, z00fle. -1 .:blam:.Gangsta, Blurrr, doseone, filth, gothdc, Jevito, sephy, TTimo.

EU points:
21 M0rtal. 12 M3MPHIS. 10 Mr. Banana. 7 Eolf. 5 Enermax, SisterMary. 3 Fix_Metal. 2 5teel, Cruntett, cyurdy, mitra, 0 DANGER, Diespiter, ExecutorMortis6, Kazuki, Kr0t4L, Krofek, Magnesium, nikes, SD|Gabar, SisterEda, ThUgz0r, Tidus, Un"DeaD, Un"Stable, woekele, xxZonExx, yosku. -1 {BG}Depressor, 4NG3L, atrox, BubbleBoy, cholzzon, Dark_Shadow, drk, hasim, miK, XiniX. -2 mr one and only, SpursScouz, t1n, and.sephirot, Axiome_Fr. -3 kino.

Next season we will be having the players sign up (instead of the admins signing you up). So you have to wait a few weeks until we tell you signups are open, and then you need to sign yourself up to the next tourney.

2008-08-11 05:07 
sux, i have 0 points because i played only 1 match, but won 4 matches... and i'm not in the top ladder, lol
Mr. Banana
2008-08-06 04:03 
GG guys emo

Nice tournament !

Good job bludshot emo
2008-08-05 17:52 
n1 cup guys, but was expecting harder challenges j/k :p

gg emo*
Week 5 EU Semi-Finals Round-Up
2008-07-31 14:32

This week Eolf and Mr. Banana got knocked out of the final 4. However, congratulations to Mr. Banana for playing an excellent last match against M0rtal that went to 3 close maps, the final of which was only decided in the last minute. M0rtal vs Mr. Banana is definitely the match of the week, and probably the match of the EU tournament so far. This is a demo worth watching if you want to see a couple of the most skilled people in the game going head to head.

So that would have left us with and remaining, but, M3MPHIS decided that he wants to represent Sweden, since he is a Swede but is currently going to school in the UK. So the two countries who made it to the final are and . The final match is M3MPHIS vs M0rtal on Turnpike.

Week 4 EU Round-Up
2008-07-30 10:57

Week 4 in Europe got finished a few days late, but we should finally be caught up soon. This week and got knocked out. So we're down to , , and .

The match of the week is M3MPHIS vs nikes , with an impressively high scoring match on Abbey, 36-22, 25-20.

So we're down to the final four: M3MPHIS, Eolf, M0rtal, and Mr. Banana. Next week we find out who is the best player in Europe!

Week 4 NA Round-Up
2008-07-26 22:06

After a short delay in week 3, week 4 (the semi-finals in NA) finished on shedule. First up was HoVa vs dondon where dondon beat hova handily. The other match was solitary vs kenny where kenny won map one 13-10, and then started winning map two when solitary quit mid-match because he knew he was going to lose. Weak!

Regardless, this sets the stage for the North American season 2 final match, kenny vs dondon . This should be an epic battle to determine the season 2 North American champion.

On a side note, the EU week 4 is still not over, as we wait for one behind schedule match.

Week 3 Round-Up
2008-07-26 21:53


A couple players slowed down the schedule, but Week 3 is finally finished in Europe. , , and got knocked out this week, leaving , , , , and . That's 8 players from 5 countries.

The match of the week is vs Enermax . You can watch this match by downloading the demo from the match page.

Week 4 is almost finished now too, thanks to 3 quick matches being played already. Just 1 more match to go and we can catch up with the original schedule.

North America

Week 3 also finished a day or 2 late in North America. Last week I pointed out that round 3 was as far as Kenny, Dondon, and Raimondo got in the first season of the tourney, and wondered aloud if they would make it further this time around. Well Kenny knocked out Raimondo in two fast paced maps of Austria. Meanwhile, after narrowly beating Karizma in map one, dondon sealed his 2 map victory with a wide margin in map 2.

The match of the week for NA is solitary vs fu daddy , a very close game that went to 3 maps.

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