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Tournament is started!
2008-12-03 14:26

The 3rd Tournament of [T]error is now underway. All matches for each continent are now listed under the Tables menu on the left. Find your region, then find your name, and click on the "0:0" to access your match communications. You MUST use match comms so I know what date/time you plan on playing or, if one player isn't responding, who to give the forfeit win to. Match servers must have the t1v1.cfg exec'd. Check the rules for further guidelines. I'm also in ETG, Gamesurge, and Quakenet to answer questions.

Maps for this week are (and are listed in the MATCH DESCRIPTION section of your personal match info):

When you are done with your match, BOTH players must post scores and screen shots of their match. Players can also upload demos of their match, if they wish, in order to be considered for the MATCH OF THE WEEK.

All matches must be played by 12/11
Good Luck and Have Fun.

- x8

a couple extra notes:

If you are playing Bye, this is not a player. This means you don't have a match this week.

Any players in the ASIA bracket who have access to servers, can you please let other player borrow your server? Post the server info and your contact info on our forums. Europe could probably use some more servers as well.

Because of the vast geographical differences in this 3rd tournament, the pings may not be under 120 all the time. Please be reasonable with the ping rule... If your opponent has 300 ping, that's one thing, but if it's 150 then you should let it slide.

Also, players have a whole week to play their match. If a player does not respond immediately, give him/her some time. They have until Thursday technically (although if they show up on Thursday wanting to play and you've been trying to contact them all along but can't play then, then they will forfeit. This is why it is important to post match comms, so we know who isn't responding)

Follow this link for info on uploading screenshots and demos.

2008-12-08 06:03 
Yeah ... and where's q3ut4 screenshots ?
very thx , there are many files ( lol )

Edited: 2008-12-08 06:13
2008-12-08 05:00 
.../q3ut4/screenshots emo
2008-12-07 13:58 
anyone wants play? emo
2008-12-07 11:23 
holy crap where is tht button to join>?
2008-12-06 12:49 
you'll probably get a forfeit win. not fun, but it happens. hopefully they all get weeded out after the first round
2008-12-06 10:45 
hey my opponent doesnt reply he hasnt logged on since he registered how am i suppose contact him?
2008-12-04 15:38 
Next tourney I will register as Bye just to enjoy the confusion emo
2008-12-04 11:25 
"Bye" is not a real player - it means that there is no one for you to play and you automatically proceed to the next round.
2008-12-04 06:18 
brackets are labeled NA (Season 3), EU (Season 3) ect ect.
2008-12-04 05:42 
bye ????? this player in 1,2,3,4.... macth
2008-12-04 05:08 
I can't see 3rd Tournament either in the menu emo

EDIT: Everything okay now! Thanks! emo

Edited: 2008-12-04 05:16
2008-12-04 02:43 
I cant see the "3rd tournament" in the tables section emo

Edited: 2008-12-04 02:46
2008-12-03 22:29 
emo wooohoo!! emo
2008-12-03 18:11 
you gotta work that out with whoever your matched against.
2008-12-03 16:52 
Woah,me asia,what server for ASIA? emo emo
Update on matches...
2008-11-30 19:18

Okay, this is going to be a bit delayed due real life stuff, but my goal is to have all the matches up and ready to go Thursday so people can start playing. I have all the seeding and brackets made up, I just have to create each individual match within the website.

2008-12-03 12:23 
yeah, some of them are up now even. but ill announce it tomorrow in the news

Edited: 2008-12-03 12:37
2008-12-03 05:44 
so the bracket will be up tomorrow?
2008-12-02 13:09 
emo ya emo we will wait =)
2008-12-02 09:34 
lets wait till its ready emo
2008-12-02 09:31 
Let's start this emo

Edited: 2008-12-04 08:28
2008-12-01 14:14 
Sign ups Closed
2008-11-28 19:14

Sign ups have been closed, and I'm in the process of making the brackets. I hope to have them out by the end of this weekend, but that's also pending real life work I have to do.

Some stats...
63 North American players
97 European players
22 South American players
37 Australian/New Zeland players
18 Asian players
237 total players
... have signed up!

Unfortunately, we may have to cut a couple players who signed up later due to bracket constraints. We are striving to include as many people as possible, however.

Thanks to everyone who signed up, and here's to you for already getting this tournament off the best start ever!

Signups will be closed 11/27..
2008-11-22 06:40

Tell your friends to sign up soon because the tournament will be closing sign ups at midnight on Thursday. We'll then need a little time to make up the brackets and such, and hopefully we'll be able to start sometime early next week.

2008-11-28 20:47 
Here and soon
2008-11-28 19:14 
hi all... where and when can i see the tournament bracket for knowing with who i have to play?

sorry about my english (again) emo

later guys, thx!
2008-11-28 08:06 
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo
2008-11-28 03:01 
emo emo emo:
2008-11-26 11:01 
emo emo
2008-11-26 09:42 
2008-11-25 19:58 
this is gonna be awesome emo
2008-11-24 05:56 
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo
2008-11-23 09:18 
2008-11-23 06:07 
The Tournament will begin in December, right ? emo

Edited: 2008-11-23 06:14
Signups now open!
2008-11-16 11:47

[T]eam Terror: World Task Force presents:

The third 1v1 Tournament of Terror!
Sign-ups are open now for the third 1v1 Tournament of Terror! Simply log in or register, set your country flag and contact info, and then click on the “Sign up” button. (Once you are logged in, click on "Sign ups" in the top left menu to get to the sign up button page.)

The tourney is open world-wide; each continent gets its own bracket, so the pings will be good. This time around we hope to add brackets for South America and Australia too.

Whether you're out to prove you are the best Urban Terror player in the world, or if you just want to have a couple fun 1v1 matches and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, this is the competition for you. All skill levels are welcome to join, and those who are new to the tournament will be seeded together in the middle of the pack, which means new players will play against each other in the first round of the tourney. And those who claim they are the best now have a chance to prove it.

Our tried and tested format for a great 1v1 UrT experience is: team survivor, best 2 out of 3 maps, with a 10 minute map timelimit, 2 minute round times. Each week a specific map is chosen by the tourney, and your whole match will be played on that specific map - and the maps we choose are good for 1v1, like turnpike, abbey, casa, etc. Players have 1 week to play their next match, and they sort out the scheduling with each other. Servers will be made available by the community to those who need to borrow one.

Remember to set your country flag in your profile so we know which bracket to put you in. Anyone who does not set their country flag will be disqualified.

See you in the tournament!

2008-12-07 15:05 
but please add me in
2008-12-07 15:04 
why if are open i cant see the join buton
2008-12-04 12:41 
im not that good but im good lol emo
2008-11-28 19:06 
youre set rapture
2008-11-28 08:00 
I'm pretty sure I'm up but could someone double check? I'm not sure how.
2008-11-21 21:27 
This is also my first tourney! I can't wait to start!!!!!!
2008-11-20 20:20 
Well this will be my first tourney so I am pretty excited. I recognize some people on this list and holy crap, I am going to get blown away if I play against them emo
2008-11-19 18:02 
Maybe it was a few days cause my ping dropped and it is running great!
2008-11-19 15:00 
you're all set Fraggin.
2008-11-19 14:52 
I signed up, but how the hell do I know if I did it right? LOL where's the player list?

NVM... I'm an idiot LOL (or n00b - take your pick)

Edited: 2008-11-19 14:55
2008-11-19 14:45 
Drake, and anyone without a flag, I will be adding the missing flags to the site.
2008-11-19 11:37 
we're looking at 1 more week of sign ups at least (perhaps 2)- the deadline will be posted when I feel like we've gotten enough players/there are no more players signing up.

Edited: 2008-11-19 11:38
2008-11-19 10:55 
when do sign ups end and when does the tournament start?
2008-11-19 07:10 
wow, and you still get 300 ping? that's some pretty shitty internet, heh. im not sure how to fix that, unless your computer is extremely outdated or make sure you're hardwired into the network and not on wireless. if your ping was 300 in a match then your opponent could force you to forfeit :-\
2008-11-19 06:29 
I live near Indianapolis, Indiana. I am running off a broadband connection, but it is off the network here at college.
2008-11-18 21:48 
meglomania: where do you live? what kind of connection do you have?
2008-11-18 21:45 
drakezilla: sorry we don't have your flag, im just going to take your word on it that it's not there. just choose a country near to you such as Colombia or Brazil. It doesn't matter what country you are from specifically as long as we place you in the right bracket (i.e the south american tournament)
2008-11-18 19:58 
Your english was good
2008-11-18 19:25 
hi guys i live in venezuela and i need to add the flag in my profile to finish my register and you guys don't have the venezuelan flag... what can i do?

srry about my english and thx for the help!
2008-11-18 19:12 
I pingged from a server in Cincinnati from and it says that I am running 352 Ping
2008-11-18 18:17 
It depends where you are pinging to. Usually pings are only that high when you are playing people overseas. In this tourney you only play people fairly near yourself, so maybe your ping will be ok?
2008-11-18 16:57 
I need to lower my ping cause it is average of 300s. How can I lower it? emo emo emo
2008-11-18 12:24 
It depends on the signups. Basically when they slow down, that's when we start. 2 weeks sounds about right though.
2008-11-18 04:24 
When does this start? (I'm currently on wireless 3G-connection, giving me some 150-200ish pings on local servers. Should get proper connection in ~2 weeks and would like to compete.
2008-11-17 05:14 
yes- because not only do you have to be registgered this time but you also have to sign up. also say if there are 33 players who sign up the 33rd player could be excluded in order to make the brackets work correctly.
Mr. Banana
2008-11-17 04:26 
Nice to see this competition back.

Read in rules :

Registering for the tournament does not guarantee you will have a spot in the tourney, as we are limiting the number of players to certain even numbers. If you have any trouble registering then contact me (see contact info above) so I can assist you.

Right, for the 2nd season ?
3rd 1v1 Tourney of Terror
2008-11-03 18:35

The 3rd 1v1 Tournament of Terror is coming soon!

2008-12-07 11:34 
am in, addme to it where this is going to be?
2008-11-26 09:31 
Bring it...
2008-11-23 08:33 
pls add me as mS*Anarchic
2008-11-22 03:01 
yooo guys lets get this shit started! emo
btw re bludshot ** :p
gl to all*

Edited: 2008-11-22 03:02
2008-11-19 18:22 
You're fine tranquilly. You have signed up fine already.
2008-11-19 07:50 
2008-11-19 05:45 
please add me mS*TRaNquiLLy
2008-11-16 12:43 
Signed ip ty 8
2008-11-13 07:28 
yeah, hopefully I can finish up some final touches get the announcement for signups out soon, i've been pretty busy lately. probably look for such an announcement to come by the weekend.
2008-11-10 13:15 
Cmon let's twist again!
2008-11-08 07:00 
Yeapp! emo
2008-11-05 05:22 
emo That is a good news emo
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