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Archive site online
April 2015

Finally got around to putting up this archive site. As mentioned in the previous news entry, this is a static archive version of the old 1v1 tournament site. I couldn't keep the old version up for obsolescence reasons basically, but I didn't want to just delete the site forever, so I made this archive version. It is missing some things, but I kept in plenty of stuff like the brackets and key matches (with comments and match result screenshots!) and news. If anyone is ever interested to look at this stuff, enjoy!

Archive site
July 2014

I was cleaning up my old web host and decided that instead of just deleting the 1v1 tournament site forever, which seemed a shame to do, I'd convert it to this new archive version. The old site used a league CMS that is no longer supported, so it was probably going to fall apart with PHP upgrades etc.

The site has actually been here, online, the whole time ever since years back when the tournament ran [EDIT: except then I took it down expecting to put this new version right up, but then I didn't get around to it for a year lol]. But probably nobody has visited it in years. The new archive site is missing most of the match pages and player pages; I kept just enough to make it a decent nostalgia trip for any old player that happens to visit (which is the whole purpose of keeping the site online I guess), with details on the most important matches. And it has the full brackets, and even the 'season 4' that was run at FTW.

Maybe I will add a little section about how to install 4.1 (with download links etc) and play the demos.

If anyone is digging the site, the old demos etc, shoutouts are appreciated [insert contact page link here]

4th Tourny of Terror completed
2011-04-27 16:45

The 4th 1v1 Tournament of Terror has been completed over at the FTW League. Congrats to 3 time champion M0rtal. See the FTW site for more details.

4th Tournament of Terror!
2011-01-31 17:40

A year ago I posted news that FTW league was planning to continue the 1v1 Tournament of Terror. Well now it's finally happening!

X8, who co-ran the 3rd tourney here (and maybe more, tbh I forget lol), Beast and Kronic, all Team Terror alums, are behind the new tournament.

Sign up over at

1v1 Continues at FTW
2010-02-05 15:11

Hi everyone, thanks for all the support and participation in the first 3 seasons of the Team Terror 1v1 Tournament of Terror. It was a huge success, and it launched 1v1 Urban Terror as a semi-popular format to play, whereas prior to our tourney, 1v1 was not taken very seriously.

Obviously it's been darn near a year since the tourney went on hiatus. During that time we became involved in starting the FTW Gaming League.

We will not be running a 4th season of the Team Terror 1v1 Tournament of Terror in the foreseeable future, and quite possibly we will never run another season here. However, the 1v1 action will continue over at the FTW league!

Currently there is a 1v1 Ladder there, and there are plans to run a tournament.

Tourney on break
2009-03-15 12:19

The tournament is now going on break for an unknown amount of time.

Thank you to everyone for making the 3rd Tournament of Terror (the first of which to be World Wide) a huge success!

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