FTW For The Win gaming league archive of the original FTW urban terror league that ran for 4 years. Was the premiere NA Urt league during that time.
FTW For The Win gaming league x8's new FTW site
STF Survival Of The Fittest ZKAT8IT's Urt Team Survivor League. Ran for a good couple seasons during the FTW era.
UrtLA Latin American Urt league (shut down) We competed there in season 1 as [T]erroristas, and in season 3 in another team called Terr0ristas.
T 1v1 Team Terror's 1v1 Tournament of Terror Our international 1v1 Urt tournament. Ran for 3 seasons here and a 4th at FTW. (archive site)
TWL TeamWarfare League Multi-gaming league and ladder site. We competed there mainly in Urban Terror. Also some Battlefield 2 and a tiny bit in other games.
STA Stronger Than All Multi-gaming league and home of the premiere NA Urt league back in those years. FTW replaced it for Urt when they shut down.
CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League (shut down) The amateur wing of CPL. They ran Urt competitions for a relatively short amount of time a long long time ago, that PIT competed in.
OGL Online Gaming League (shut down) Big FPS gaming league back in the early days. We competed in a bunch of Urt ladders there.
UZ Urban Zone League European Urban Terror league. Still runs Urban Terror competitions (4.2 though...)
CB ClanBase (shut down) European Urban Terror cups (and many other games)


pnk| pnk Clan
{C9} Cloud-9 Crew
b00bs noobs who like boobs
6th Clan 6th Floor
]BoS[ Black Ops Squadron
[1up] 1up Clan
.:blam:. .:blam:.
T0' Terr0ristas

Other Urt related stuff

Youtube Urt 4.1 videos on Youtube
Pugbot Was a great pick-up game irc bot by Slackin. With it, people on irc could join
pick-up scrims and the bot handled the servers and launched private games. (is it back up now??)
Alturt Alternate open source code for urt 4.1 (incomplete alpha)
Action Arena Proof of concept Urt mod that runs under urt 4.1 and plays like Quake 3
(because it's just the quake 3 mod code tweaked to work in urt)
ioquake3 Open source Quake 3 engine with improvements
GitHub various Urban Terror related projects and code at GitHub
SourceForge various Urban Terror related projects and code at SourceForge
Net Radiant Map editor
Ingar's NetRadiant packages NetRadiant packages
GtkRadiant Map editor


Urban Terror Fun Over
Project Reality Realism mod for Battlefield 2. Used to be an amazing action realism shooter, but they turned it into a boring military simulator.
Battlefield 2 Great in a lot of ways, but also lame in a lot of ways.
Battlefield 3 Last time I buy an EA game that isn't in the bargain bin...
Battlefield 4 More battlefield
Counterstrike Source Better looking Counterstrike. Take away 90% of the elements of Quake 3 that require skill, and you are left with this.
Counterstrike Lowest common denominator shooter that lacks both the fun and skillful physics of Urt and the tactical realism of True Combat
Insurgency Mod Tactical realism infantry game. Sort of like True Combat Elite, or way better BF2 CQB in Source engine.
Insurgency Full retail game based on the old Insurgency mod
Call of Duty 4 The last time CoD did something new. This game has been re-released with a new name every year since.
Call of Duty 2 WW2 fps. Nade spam? Oh yes.
True Combat Just the right amount of tactical realism, remaining an action shooter and not straying into boring military sim territory.
Team Fortress 2 Cartoony Team Fortress.
League of Legends Simplified f2p DotA clone
Dota 2 Valve's DotA sequel
Left 4 Dead Frenetic co-op zombie blasting game
Minecraft Blocks
Ace of Spades classic f2p classic version of Ace of Spades, at Many bridge destroying lulz, but also it's actually a good game to play for real too
Ace of Spaces newer, commercial version of ace of spades
Quake 3 Arena The classic, the legend.
Quake Live Quake 3 in a browser, no wait, Quake 3 with a browser in it, no wait, updated Quake 3 on Steam?
America's Army Free FPS game paid for by US tax dollars
Synergy Sweet mod that adds co-op to Half-Life 2 and some addons
ShootMania Extremely simplistic 'arena shooter', but instead of arenas just big open places. Map editor integration is really cool though.

Free Windows Software

name description better alternative to
7-zip File archive program winzip, winrar
WinCDEmu CD/DVD emulator for mounting disc images daemon tools
Avast anti-virus McAfee, Norton 360, paying for anti-virus for no reason.
Malware Bytes Anti-malware anti-malware having malware...
AdwCleaner adware and pup cleaner having bits of malware stick around...
PC Wizard for seeing details about your computer hardware shows more info than windows control panel
Thunderbird email client windows live mail, outlook
Firefox web browser IE, Chrome
Adblock Plus ad blocker for firefox seeing ads...
kvirc IRC client mIRC
Pidgin multi-IM client all of the big IM clients
Teamspeak gamer voip Ventrilo
Filezilla FTP client paid FTP clients
Putty ssh telnet client
Winamp light weight audio player iTunes (as a light weight mp3 player at least)
VLC video player Windows Media Player
Clipgrab for downloading youtube videos sketchy browser plugins and sites
Freemake Video Converter free video converter It just seems like the best one available right now
Audacity Audio editor actually there are better programs but they are expensive
Blender Video editor, also 3D modelling tool actually there are better programs but they are expensive
Libre Office free office Microsoft Office, unless you need office specific features
Steam game store, chat program, game launcher. Lots of f2p games too. xfire? Actually Steam is more like a necessary evil, I don't like a lot about it(s concept).
Origin EA's answer to Steam. Some free games. Worse than Steam, avoid it if you don't need it, but has free games sometimes


Linux Mint The best desktop linux right now

Linux Software

MiniTube Great youtube viewer. Just sit back and watch.

Old Software we used to use

name description new better replacement
Ventrilo gamer voip Teamspeak
Mumble gamer voip Teamspeak
Qtracker game server browser Qtracker is still the best but nobody plays those games anymore
Xfire game launcher, chat program, server browser if you play Steam games a lot, xfire is redundant

Game Tools

Game Ranger For emulating a LAN over the internet for games with only LAN co-op for example.
Advanced Tactical Center video game strategy whiteboard app
G Tactix 2 another video game strategy whiteboard app

Useful websites

DuckDuckGo Screw Google; use DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you
Youtube Videos
IMDb Internet Movie Database dictionary
pastebin For sharing large blocks of text that you can't paste in a chat Video game stream broadcasting


bbq flash bbq flash
ucone ucone